I don’t always know I have them

these piles of words

knotted tightly and curled in a corner

But you ask me that question

and I try to unroll

a line from here

to there

Unspooling words slowly

then faster

the line surpentine

seeking a destination while turning circles

What did you ask?

Dust particles dance

loosened by your question

I’m trying to guide them into coherence

knots loosening

freed by my tongue, lacking direction

suspending in shafts of sunlight

I’m suddenly frightened

pregnant air makes the room tilt

What did you ask?

I can’t stop now

piles of words tumble and dance

stringing together

uncoiling memory

Forming bridges and arcs

I’m finding my way

I can feel it

But I look at your face

and wonder

Are you glad that you asked?

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