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Great post to rev our engines for our profession as we gear up to tackle the new school year. Educators, we need to keep our sights set on the long-term health of our profession and ourselves–not just the year-to-year cycle. Engage with these ideas!

Education to Save the World

The way we work is changing.  In Time magazine’s series on the future of work, Seth Godin wrote “Work will mean managing a tribe, creating a movement and operating in teams to change the world.”  Say sayonara to cubicles, data entry, and answering phones and hello to collaborating in teams to solve problems in a knowledge-driven economy.

Normally in this blog we talk about these issues as they relate to students, but this week we’re talking about teachers and asking two questions:

1) What will the work of teachers look like in the future?

2) What are the implications for teacher preparation programs?  

To think about how the role of the teacher will change, we need to consider both how the world of work is changing and how education is changing.

So first for the world of work changes:

  • De-centralized; more free agents: People will work less in a series…

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