Gotta go through it


Faith doesn’t live in stained glass and dusty book spines.

It’s born in the leap

gathers strength in the messy middle

helps us stick the landing.

That messy middle

underdocumented and overlooked,

oft retold with hindsight confidence.

Faith doesn’t live in pulpits or pews.

It’s built in moments.

Taking one step without knowing the next.


Uncertainty is not glamorous.

It’s destabilizing.

A tea steeped in ambiguity.

Apathetic when cooled.

Time stretches and constricts


Calendars taunt with blank stares.

Urgency not hourly or daily


Lost or Free?

Emotional confetti

Inspired by possibility

Paralyzed by indecision

Grateful for white space

Afraid of freedom

Throwing darts in the dark

Pretending to-do lists are accomplishments.

They are different

I like trick myself.

Overwhelmed by potential

Pampered by stillness

Depressed by the blank canvass

Buoyed by their belief

Do I believe in me?


Faith is built moment by moment.

Taking one step without knowing the next.

Row your own boat.

Land among the stars.

Open sky and murky water

Will it break me?

Been broken before

survived with some scarring

In nuance, clarity can be elusive.


Faith is

believing within silence

trusting with doubt

acknowledging feelings

rowing anyway

reaching when shaky

stepping anyway

writing without the ending

One thought on “Gotta go through it

  1. Thanks for sharing this. You’re absolutely right. Can’t find an end run around it. Can’t fly over in the Concord jet. Just Gotta go through it. You are a wise woman. 🙂 ~Mom


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