Ridiculous hills of unpopular opinions that I am still willing to die on

Hey there! It’s nearly the end of winter hibernation, and I can feel some energy and fight coming back into my limbs. A perfect time to fire off a controversial and likely widely hated quirky list. *shrug*

  1. Super hero movies, as a genre, are one plot recycled among flashy costumes. Related: Star Wars is overrated.
  2. Unicorn shit is not cute for anyone over the age of 10. Related: Why aren’t we making actual magical animals our birthday party themes? Narwhals should be more popular.
  3. Camping is only fun if you have so much gear that you feel slightly ashamed camping at all. Related: Why not rent a cabin?
  4. Emotional intelligence is more important for success and happiness than all the other intelligences. Related: Don’t hold this list against me.
  5. Going to see a therapist should be as frequent and supported and normal as going to see a dentist. Both may be uncomfortable. Both will save your life. Related: I should call mine because it’s been almost a year.

Thoughts, reactions, questions? Leave them here!

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