Quirky List: Things I find odd in social media profiles

  1. “Tweets are my own” I’m not sure why anyone would default assume otherwise and with such limited space, why state the obvious?
  2. “I’m a friend” Usually appears in a list of identities like “dad” “daughter” “wife” etc. I hope we are all a friend to someone. This begs the question why we would need to reinforce this as an identifier.
  3. ✨🏖Ambiguous emojis. What does it mean when you put a tulip as an identity signifier? When you put the dancing man, does it actually mean you dance?
  4. “Defender of the semicolon” and overemphasizing quirks. I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Why do we take that one tiny opinion and act like we spend all day thinking about it?
  5. “Thought leader” “Influencer” and other self-aggrandizing terms. Although I’m sure I’ve done this in my younger years, I’ve come to realize that for those terms to have meaning, they need to come from others. And publishing them as self-identifiers feels like walking into a room and shouting “I’m IMPORTANT”

What do YOU find odd? Which of these can you say with a laugh “guilty as charged”? And what drives you crazy?!

Thoughts, reactions, questions? Leave them here!

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