Things I hate to do but love when they’re done (in no particular order)

  1. Putting my clothes away instead of throwing them over the back of that chair
  2. Changing the sheets
  3. Washing the duvet cover–Duvet covers were created by fallen angels or second-rate gods.
  4. Filling up my car’s gas tank–Why doesn’t every state function like New Jersey? (just for gas station rules)
  5. Starting an art project, blank canvas, mound of supplies, and infinite possibilities
  6. Donating blood
  7. The third run of the first week returning to a running schedule after not running
  8. Attending a one-year-old’s birthday party (sorry friends; it’s true)
  9. Getting an IUD
  10. Swinging my feet out of bed instead of hitting snooze Every. Single. Morning. (Monday- Friday, who has an alarm for the weekend?!)

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