Confession: I think this post was sent by God to my inbox.

While browsing my daily educational links (sent by the Diigo educator sharing group), I came across this gem. A list of 20 ways to improve school culture, efficiency and collaborative environment. It truly felt like a breath of fresh air as many of these points have been on my mind lately. Another plus–it allowed me to see some ways my work environment is already “doing the right thing.” I found myself reading the list thinking “Psssht, wouldn’t that be nice….oh, yeah that too…hmm, we actually do have that…and that…oh, but this category is SO NEEDED.” I invite you to click on the link and do the same. Here are a few to pique your curiosity:

1. Time for kudos Educators move from lesson to student to phone to meeting to class all day, some even eat standing up at their desks. Spend the first 5 minutes of faculty meeting with an open floor for anyone to compliment a colleague and the entire room will shift in a positive direction. A thanks for covering lunch duty, recognition of a powerful teaching moment, even a self-congratulatory announcement can create a space for people to smile.

5. Share facilitator responsibilities The meeting needs to be managed, not dictated. Take turns leading and everyone will have a chance to participate.

8. Get a handle on gossip Unify the team and work through any disagreements face-to-face. Some faculty rooms can become uninviting because of the negative conversations. Claim the space as a retreat from the bustle of school and set a high standard for decent interaction. This includes negative comments about students.

12.  Face-to-face check in Administrators and faculty sometimes let the efficiency of digital communication get in the way of a real connection. Take a few minutes a day to look a colleague in the eye and get beyond any reflexive answers to “How are you?”

Here’s the link again. Click away! 20 Ways to Create a Healthy Faculty Environment

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